J. Hollis Styles/ Julie Hollis Feldman
Julie Hollis Feldman is a prop/ still life/ interior stylist and art curator with an eye for the curiously beautiful and a penchant for organized chaos. Her background in Art History, and years spent working in modern art museums and galleries, has taught Julie to see the world through visual references, composition and color. In 2006 Julie took her experience in art and curation to Ralph Lauren and worked for five years in the Creative Services department, in both the Art Acquisitions and Home Showroom divisions.
And now, Julie Hollis Feldman is a freelance prop stylist/ set designer and co-curator of the roving art group the Ugly Art Room www.uglyartroom.com in Brooklyn, NY. She has found a way to combine her creativity as a curator and art historian with her love of objects, composition and visual organization. She attentively arranges her displays so that each element compliments the other, each reference is both physical and painterly, and each object is appreciated as its own unique piece of art.